SaaS Website Design: 20 of our Favorite Sites

Simplicity engages users, making them more likely to stay with your SaaS product. But the value of a SaaS product may not be evident to your audience. An important aspect that shows the value of cloud software is its excellent design.

Что такое формат SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) — это облачная модель предоставления программного обеспечения. Она такая же часть вселенной облачных вычислений, как PaaS (платформа как услуга) и IaaS (инфраструктура как услуга).

UX writers design a microcopy using the best UX practices while designing the entire experience from scratch. UX writing is the art of creating a UI copy to guide a user when using a product and help him interact with it. Most importantly, it helps to foresee a project just as intended by the founder.

Gamifying customer support with a Zendesk app

Olha has produced a range of solutions for clients including, Zazmic, Human Agency, Growth Channel, and Gronda. Olha’s mentoring and leadership experience allows her to build quality, user-friendly products. Based on market research and competitor analysis, you need to define what is so unique about your app and why customers will use your platform and not others. The great question to start with is “What do I offer that my competitors do not have? It can be outstanding elements, a wider or smaller range of features, or an unusual approach to your SaaS model.

  • We get started with your task instantly and work in iterations, moving step by step.
  • In the year 2000, there were approximately seventeen million websites and 255 million in 2010.
  • So, when they start interacting with a new app, they expect it to have something in common with applications they’ve used previously.
  • You can accomplish this through interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, and product tours, highlighting key features and explaining how they work.

We have ambitious goals on how to grow the application and already Toptal has been a key contributor to that success. SaaS products don’t have a «final version», as they are constantly evolving. To keep growing and meet users’ needs, cloud companies conduct testing, add new features, and constantly improve the design. UX designers in the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry are responsible for designing the user interface and experience of SaaS products. They need to understand the unique needs and requirements of SaaS users, such as the need for easy navigation, seamless integration with other apps, and efficient workflows. The solution interface should include those elements to make it easy for users to move through the app and find the needed features.

Sell It Before Build it: Case of Shein: Real-Time Fashion

Taking the time to design a thoughtful, user-centric SaaS product will help turn visitors into loyal customers. No matter how thoughtful your user experience is, users will always have questions. And no matter how well engineered your app is, technical issues will always come up. Integrating support into your SaaS app in a meaningful way can help to prevent unnecessary user frustration. The goal should always have a clear focus on delivering success to your customers, so ask yourself how you can provide support to your users in-app to help them achieve success.

design saas

Coda is a virtual document tool that brings words, data, and teams together. Coda’s interface displays complicated information in a graphical format that makes it intuitive to interact with and easy to scan visually Service Desk Engineer for a quick summary. So, while some companies are trying to spin up apps quickly that lack usability and a modern visual design, you should prioritize winning over potential customers with great design.

Increased customer acquisition and retention

SaaS is an industry that justifiably deserves the increased attention it currently experiences. Yet, this saturated market requires great effort to stand out from the crowd. We have successfully completed more than 20 SaaS projects during this time on the market.

Give your users the tools they need to make their journey through your SaaS product smoother. Make the user journey in your product as smooth and simple as possible. Innovative design elements don’t matter if your SaaS solution isn’t accessible. In this post, we’ll rely on our five years of SaaS design experience. Having already created over 20 software-as-a-service products, we know what solutions and strategies help to take leadership positions in the market. In addition, if the service is architected well, the documentation and support articles can be decoupled from the platform for faster, asynchronous updates.

Stage 3: UI Design

Expecting clients to upload their personal data at this stage is a far-fetched presumption. This step is fragile and you need to establish trust between you and your client beforehand. Each individual cell is a key result that, if achieved, can enhance the client experience. Despite the enormous changes SaaS has already brought to the web design industry, it is a field that continues to evolve.

design saas

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